New Aviv

Shavuot / Shabbat Home Delivery!

Alongside Deliveroo, Aviv now offers an in-house extended delivery service in an effort to mitigate these challenging times.
Contact-free delivery available on request where driver will drop food on your doorstep.
Free delivery of orders over £30.00 within 2 mile radius. Delivery chargeable outside 2 mile radius.

Shavuot / Shabbat Menu

4 Course Meal Delivered Thursday AM
Weekly Menus


Please make one choice per person from each course

Chicken Soup or Bean & Barley Soup 
Chopped Liver or Hummus or Egg & Onion
Lemon & Herb Roasted Chicken
Beef Bourguignon
(each main served with any 2 sides from Roast Potatoes, White Basmati Rice, Honey Roasted Beetroots & Carrots or Tabbouleh Salad)
Dark Chocolate Mousse or Sticky Toffee Pudding   or Fresh Fruit Salad

£25 per person. Minimum order 2 people.

Includes Challa Roll per person. Extra Challot can be ordered.

Below are some more extras, perfect for Shabbat lunch:

Large N.Y Deli Style Fish Balls
(200g, approx. 5 pieces)   7
Cod Goujons (200g, approx. 5 pieces)  7
Chicken Goujons (200g, approx. 5 pieces)   7
Scotch Smoked Salmon (227g) 7.5
Hummus (162ml)   3
Tahina (162ml) 3
Turkish Salad (162ml)  3
Chopped Liver (162ml)  4
Tabbouleh (162ml)  3
Aubergine Tahina Salad (162ml) 3
Egg & Onion (162ml) 3
Coleslaw (250ml) 3
Israeli Salad (250ml) 3
Potato Salad (250ml) 3
Pickled Cucumber (250ml) 3
Dark Chocolate Mousse 3.5
Strawberry Pavlova 3.5
Fresh Fruit Salad 3.5
Challah Roll 0.75
Large Challah 3.75 

Please call the restaurant on
 020 8952 2484 or 
020 8381 1722
to place your order.
(each main served with any 2 sides from Roast Potatoes, Yellow Basmati Rice, Honey Roasted Carrots & Beetroot or Tabbouleh Salad
87/89 High Street, Edgware HA8 7DB

Sunday to Thursday 
12:00–14:30 & 17:30–22:30 
and Saturday Evenings October to April

Call us
020 8952 2484
020 8381 1722


Please note that Aviv will be closed during Pesach, reopening Sunday 19th April for regular take away delivery service.